GET Your Muscles TUNED!

14 Jun


How would your car run if you never took it in to get a tune up? It may get you where you need to go for now AND your vehicle more than likely will cost more in the long run. Getting bodywork is much like getting that well needed oil change. Are you ready to transform your body’s movement into a healthy flow? Need to come in for your massage session and check out Dr. Aurthur Pauls Osteopathic work I have been studying called Ortho-Bionomy. His work produces amazing results to get your body tuned up!

I have  been excited to add new tools in my box through several workshops I’ve attended this year to provide you with quality massage sessions. The latest workshop focused on joints and how they all relate to another to give you optimal range of movement. By re-balancing the tone around the joint, multiple areas can be addressed with one technique. Your muscle fibers can reset to normal resting length, resulting in the release of tension and holding—and often the release of pain.

Bring you attention to be able to recognize and reaffirm your own inherent ability to find comfort within your body through massage. Checking in will give you the edge to get connected to the place in your body where real freedom of movement resides. Stuck in a pattern of discomfort, shake it up a bit and set the healing fluids free so that your body may remember how to work in tune.


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