Ortho-Bionomy Teaching the Body to Remember!

08 Mar

Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle, non-invasive form of therapeutic bodywork. Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls, a British osteopath, found a way to work with the body which honored the body’s inherent wisdom. Ortho-Bionomy works With the body by exaggerating the body’s preferred postures, thereby permitting the body’s self-healing process to create greater balance and alignment.  The inner wisdom of the body is recognized and affirmed. Self-healing occurs as the person remembers their natural ability to move away from pain and toward ease. In 1976 Dr. Pauls began teaching Ortho-Bionomy in the U.S.

My first class of Ortho-Bionomy taught the effects of the bowstring. The bowstring is a line of fascia that starts at the base of our skulls and then goes anteriorly down our bodies. Three dimensionally, the fascia connects our bodies from front to back. Our teacher Terri Lee talked of how the anterior fascia can be much like a string on a bow. When it is contracted it can keep our body bent forward.

Many of us need relief with our neck and backs. Our school of thought many times is work where the pain is. In reality, as much as you work with the muscle and fascia of the back, it will not release as well if you don’t open the front to create space and give the over stretched muscles of the back room to breathe.

While practicing this therapeutic modality and experiencing the release of my bowstring, I was amazed how my posture shifted. My body is flowing with a vibrant harmony that I have not felt in a long time!  From my structure being in a more natural state, I could feel my circulation working better as well as the lymph flow was stimulated to flush my toxins away. The stress in my face has vanished unveiling a more youthful appearance. I feel securely grounded as my hips released an old muscle pattern I held since falling 30 feet out of a tree when I was 15. I love how Ortho-Bionomy works With the body to release tension patterns.

Many times in therapy sessions, I’ve noticed how muscles react to sudden movement. Instead of letting go, it seems they want to hold on tighter. Reminds me of situations I’ve encountered with my children. If I overreact and demand they let go, I meet much more resistance than if I were to have a firm but kind and loving approach. Less is more! Wow, I feel so blessed Ortho-Bionomy has been brought into my life and work as a massage therapist. I hardly can wait to learn more and share this journey with rediscovering how our bodies feel when they are balanced! With spring in the air, why not put a spring in your step through massage and bodywork! Call Tausha with Healing Roots Massage at 317-709-4559 to schedule your session and begin feeling more light on your feet.

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