Although I have had professional massages before, every massage with Tausha is a unique experience. She has a wide repertoire of techniques and tools, all designed for maximum relaxation and release of tension. I always leave my massages feeling peaceful, calm and relaxed-my energy and even my voice are different. Tausha is passionate about massage and committed to creating the best and most healing experience possible for her clients. Her loving essence comes through in her touch and in the atmosphere she creates. Tausha has helped me release some deeply-held tension in my body, freeing me to be more flexible and agile in my movements. I am so glad that I found Tausha. Her massages are a special gift in my life.

Julia Mattern/ Life Coach

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  1. Roger Pope

    November 22, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    For many years I have gotten massages. I love working hard physically having grown up on a farm and just never quit, so my muscles are in frequent need of care. I found Tausha several months ago. I was looking for someone with Pfrimmer Deep Tissue experience that was closer to where I live. From the very first massage I knew I had found the right person. I have never in all my years had as thorough massage. Her expertise in knowing what your body needs and how to release the soreness and tension is amazing and it is never the same. I can hardly wait for my next massage. Tausha you are the best of the best.